Ishavsgast /Hilde Aagaard

Cube Art Editions

Ishavsgast is a book of records by the artists father, Asbjorn Trygve Aagaard (1927-2006). In his youth he was a fisherman, seal and musk hunter, while later he became an engineer. But most of all he was an adventurer and a photographer. The descriptions are from the Norwegian Coast, Greenland and mainly from the West Ice. He treasured his experiences in the Arctic sea fully and to its limits.[Tekstbrytingsskift][Tekstbrytingsskift]The last record in the book,Loss, is a novel built upon his adventures at the West Ice. He took the photographs, during his trips, with his Leica-camera.[Tekstbrytingsskift][Tekstbrytingsskift]The last pages in the book are some graphic reports, at the end of his life, with a reduced capacity to write with a pen, but still with the Arctic sea in him. 

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